About TG Landscaping

TG Landscaping comes from humble beginnings. When Todd Glowa was a junior in High School he started cutting lawns for five dollars per hour. Within a year Todd and his brother bought a lawn service company with seven accounts for $1500. The two brothers expanded their business to over 60 clients, cutting grass, taking down trees and doing small landscaping jobs for homeowners.

In their third year, they worked for a builder and landscaped a completw building site. Todd was hooked and over the next six years the company started expanding into lawn and garden installation, both on building sites and as renovation of existing homes. Todd took over the landscaping company from his brother, who went into construction.

Today, TG Landscaping offers a complete mix of landscaping and installations, from installing topsoil and yards to retaining walls, patios, walkways and plantings designed to set off any home or commercial property.

Landscaping Done Right

Drainage area showing wall on side of homeTodd Glowa is on the jobsite of every job done by TG Landscaping and personally ensures that every job will be done right and to exacting specifications. We take pride on our work and our goal is perfection on all of our jobs. We would rather lose some money and get the job done right than have an unhappy customer.

As a business owner Todd really enjoys talking to homeowners. With the work he does, every day is different and every jobsite offers new challenges. At the end of the day, he can look back on the day's work and take a special pride in having another very satisfied customer.